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IT Security Kick-Off in Augsburg

July 15 -17, the first annual conference and kick-off for the BMBF research stream on "IT security for critical infrastructures" will take place at the SGL Arena in Augsburg. 

More information about the event is to be found at

1st Service Systems Forum

At the end of May 2015 the 1st Service Systems Forum was held at Venice, Italy. The aim of the conference which was organized by researchers of the University of Warwick was to exchange and discuss findings and ideas from the field of services systems research. The multinational contributions covered various topics including internet of things, healthcare, finance and many more. Dr.

Service Operations Management Forum - Call for papers

As a joint initiative of EURAM and EurOMA, this years Service Operation Management Forum (SOM Forum 15) will be held in Nürnberg, at JOSEPHS. The theme of the forum, organised by the Cambridge Service Alliance and FAU, is "SERVICE INNOVATION: CONCEPTS, PLATFORMS, BUSINESS MODELS".

Fraunhofer SCS invitation to "Service Excellence"

The next event of the Fraunhofer SCS series "Dienstleistungsinnovation im Mittelstand (DIM)" on May 21 2015 is all about Service Excellence.

Distinguished Guests from Taiwan at JOSEPHS

President Dr. Bing-Jean Lee, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees Cheng-Shu Gao and Professor Mitchell Tseng of Feng Chia University, Taiwan, visited FAU, Fraunhofer IIS and JOSEPHS to investigate common interests in research and teaching. After fifteen years of exchange with Prof.